To improve the lives of children with disabilties by sparking their imagination’

 Since 2013 Kenwick School has worked closely with Sensorium Theatre to deliver an extraordinary multi-sensory theatre experience to our students. 

Sensorium Theatre is ‘Australia’s only company making live shows specifically designed for young audiences with disabilities’. Their hugely successful Oddyseaperformance, was developed in a 10 week residency at Kenwick School. This Helpmann award nominated show has since toured to the Sydney Opera House, regional WA and even the Lincoln Center in NYC as part of the world’s first theatre festival for children with autism.

The company specialises in creating a safe, dynamic and interactive space for our students to explore their imagination. Through multiple collaborations over the years our staff and students have developed a strong relationship with the Sensorium team, providing two way learning and mutual exchange between Kenwick School staff and the theatre artists.

In 2017, building on this strong relationship and with funding support from NGCS, a permanent home for the theatre company and fully functioning workshop “The Imaginarium” was created on the school grounds. This unique arrangement supports Sensorium Theatre to continue developing new sensory theatre experiences with and for our students as well as providing staff training and professional learning. 

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