Room 9: Super Stars !

Term 3 has taken off with a flying start in Room 9.
Each day after lunch as a class we participate in shared reading. During this time, we read a book about feelings and then we read a Beatrix Potter book.
When we started shared reading earlier this year I would read the story to the students and ask predicting questions like what can you see? What do you think will happen next? How do you think the characters are feeling?
This term the students have taken it upon themselves to read the stories to each other. It is truly magical to witness as they have developed a sound understanding of the concept of shared reading, appropriate social interactions and an
enjoyment for reading and listening to stories. In Workright lessons, we have been discussing into greater depth PPE and work appropriate clothing specific to the Activ and construction type industries.
In our classroom we created a display which has pictures and samples of different types of PPE. The students task was to identify and write what purpose was for each piece of PPE. They did an incredible job and required minimal support.
This term the students in Room 9 have blown me away with their progress and maturity. Fantastic term so far Room 9 Super Stars!

Sarah Priestley & Staff