Room 9: Learning about staff, their role and location

Welcome back to what we hope to be a busy and fun term.   

It has been fantastic to see Tahlia full of smiles as she ventures out and about in her walker again. In art we have been collaging the Olympic Rings and gluing pictures of our wonderful me details and their sports to make a poster.  Richter also counted and made a graph of all the medals Australia has won.  

In ASDAN the topic was different staff, their roles and locations.  The  students glued photos to the appropriate area in a work sheet, and by pressing a switch to animate the whiteboard screen with familiar faces– were able to answer questions such as “Who works in the garden?”  “Who is the principal?”etc.   The boys also learned about activities we do in the bathroom and made a balloon face with fake hair. They then applied shaving cream and shaved it off a perfectly with a safe shaver.  We welcome our new EA Julie and thank Kerry and Tracy for helping us.   Finally, we wish Dawn a happy birthday who turned 18 in the holidays.