Principal’s Desk: September 2019

Public School Review 27 August 2019

I want to provide a quick update about the Public School Review of our school conducted late last month.  Everyone who participated in the day found it to be highly energising, informative and affirming an experience which highlighted the;

  1. Many great programs and things that Kenwick School is doing well; and 2. Areas which we would like to improve in the coming years.

On the day, the two reviewers Stuart Percival, Director Public School Accountability, and Peer Reviewer, Dr Catherine Kapiteyn, currently Principal SSEN Disabilities (and substantive Burbridge School Principal) interviewed and received several presentations from staff and members of our school community. These Reviewers supported our own self-assessment processes, which found that:

  1. Kenwick School is an Effective School; and
  2. Agreed with our assessment of further strategies to improve our school were in the best interests of current cohort. 

I am currently awaiting a detailed report outlining the findings of this verification process. Once finalised, you will be able to access the Report in the following ways;

  1. In the next School Newsletter,
  2. On our school website (
  3. At Schools Online.

I would encourage you all to take the time to read the report which you will no doubt find informative and celebratory of our school and community.

I want to formally acknowledge all those who contributed to the day. I particularly want to thank;

  • Students: Laurence T and Rhianne O;
  • Community Members: Sue Grandle, Sharyn Ditcham, and Ray Norvill
  • Deputies: Jodie Hills and Alison Hunt;
  • Teachers: Antoinette James, Lachie Frewer, Amity Culver, Naomi Braine, Marie McLachlan, Talya Everett, Annette Kay, Simon Connell and Deb Cork;
  • Education Assistants: Cynthia Hoglin, Emma Heagney, Tristan Kay, Tania Copeland and Nat Black;
  • Managers Corporate Services: Jane Connor and Debbie Teakel

The process confirmed to me why I am so proud of this school and everyone who makes up our School Community.

And finally, I want to congratulate Alison Hunt on her appointed as permanent 0.6 FTE Deputy on 2 September.  Alison is an excellent teacher at Kenwick School and I have every confidence Alison will make a contribution to our school as a permanent member of the Admin Team.

Best wishes 

Mark Watson Principal