Principal’s Desk: August 2019

Public School Review 27 August 2019

Our staff are busily and excitedly preparing for our first Public School Review in Week 6.  Public School Reviews are conducted across all schools to provide assurance to the Minister, Director General and school communities that public schools are operating effectively and delivering high quality education to their students.  The reviews also provide valuable feedback to principals and staff to help improve the performance of their schools. 

Our review team will comprise a Director, Public School Reviewer and a Principal from another Metro Education Support facility familiar with the challenges and complexities of a school like ours.

The purpose of Public School Review is to provide:

An external validation of our self-assessment of how Kenwick School is travelling. The Review itself will provide an opportunity for staff and the school community to elaborate on the assessment with the review team. 

Following the visit, a report will be provided to the school within two weeks. The report will be used by the School Admin group as a resource to inform key directions for school improvement planning.

The report will be placed on our website and I will also update you all of the outcome in the next newsletter.

While a lot of work and effort has gone into this upcoming Public School Review, my staff and I are very much looking forward to sharing some of the great things that are happening at Kenwick School for our fabulous student cohort.


Best wishes

Mark Watson Principal