Play-for-All Playground

The playground is the culmination of our community’s long held desire to ensure that our students have access to a state-of-the art, inclusive

playround that they deserve. One that meets  their diverse recreational, therapuetic and social needs.  Some features of the “Play-for-All” playground include:

  • Specialised equipment readily accessible to students with physical and sensory disabilities (e.g a wheelchair/ambulatory accessible see-saw called the “Sway-fun” and an “Inclusive Orbit”);
  • Engaging wet and sand play areas; and
  • Sensory Accessible (music and activity) panels.

All of our equipment and play areas are accessible via an extensive network of pathways ensure full wheel chair access.

This project is inspired by the following quote by Lucy Jane Miller Ph. D. OTR, Founder of STAR Centre:

“When children of any ability walk into our playground they are instantly engaged. The Landscape Structures speaks to every person, no matter what his or her ability level. It says ‘I am here especially for you. Come try me out. We will have fun together! You will challenge yourself and you will succeed’”