NDS Helpdesk goes live – All your NDIS questions answered

** Update taken from: National Disability Services website:

Welcome to the NDS Helpdesk! This is your go-to online destination for asking NDIS and disability employment-related questions.

Through our handy ticketing system, you can keep track of your questions asked via the helpdesk, as well as access a knowledge hub that, over time, will be comprehensive. Here, you have immediate access to over 100 common questions and answers in a searchable database. The knowledge hub will serve as a repository of sector knowledge that expands as more users interact with the helpdesk. This is just the beginning!

The NDS Helpdesk is available to NDS Organisational Members and Associates across Australia. Additionally, thanks to the financial investment of both the Victorian and Queensland governments, all Victorian and Queensland disability service providers will have access until June 2019.

Ask your first question or search the Helpdesk here.