Ambulance Cover

Please consider taking out ambulance cover for your family. In the event that your child experiences a medical condition or accident at school the nurses may need to transport your child to hospital via ambulance. There are several health Insurance providers that provide ambulance only cover or if you are currently with a health insurance provider you may wish to check that your family is covered for ambulance transport.


If your child holds medication in the health centre (daily medication or emergency medication) you will receive a note home in the coming weeks asking you to either collect it on the last day OR it will be sent home on the bus via the bus driver. Please ensure you return any daily or emergency medication to the nurses on the first day back at school.

Feed Equipment

If your child receives peg feeds, we will send home any excess feed on the last day. Please return feed and all necessary equipment with your child at the start of the school year. A reminder that we need to replace the peg extension tubes at the start of each school term.


  • The nursing staff will be contacting you with a phone call prior to the first day to discuss any changes to your child’s care and needs for the school year.
  • Should your child’s medication or feeds change over the school break please let us know at the start of the school year as we will need to adjust care plans to reflect this.
  • Should your child have any change in medical or surgical incidents at any time throughout the year please let us know as it can impact how we deliver care at school.

Thank you
Kenwick Nurses