Leisure & Recreation Program

As part of our Leisure and Recreation skills program we provide the following skills to our students:

Personal Management Skills

Choosing suitable clothing for the weather.
Handing in money and notes from home to staff.Awareness of own strengths and weaknesses.
Using telephones and Internet correctly.Choosing suitable activities for the weather.
Managing own time when doing an activity.
Awareness of protective behaviours.
Carrying own money and Smart-Rider on outings.
Using phone books and road maps to locate activities.

Social/Community Aspects

Recognising rules and regulations for specific activities.
Turn taking and sportsmanship.
Accepting instructions, coaching, advice and criticism.Sharing equipment and facilities with a group.
Basic etiquette in public.
Acceptable eating and drinking in public.
Caring for the environment.
Gardening skills.
Cooking skills.

Safety Skills

Knowledge of required skills for an activity.
Knowledge and use of appropriate equipment for an activity.
Awareness of hazards in activities and environments.
Knowledge of basic first aid.
Making emergency phone calls.
Using sunscreen and wearing protective equipment.