From The Principal’s Desk – Term 4 2017

As the curtain falls on a truly memorable 2017, I would like to reflect on some of the great achievements of the year. However, first and foremost , I want to acknowledge all of our tremendous parents and caregivers for their unwavering support and commitment to the education of our students. I also would like to thank all therapy, clinical psychology and allied staff for their insig

hts and expertise toward furthering the education and development of our students. I celebrate the skill, dedication and perseverance of our wonderful staff. Finally, I salute our great student body who have continued to challenge and delight us throughout the year. They provide daily opportunities for us to improve the things we do. The following briefly summarises some 2017 highlights;

Year in Review
Graduation Ceremonies

For the first time we ran two graduation ceremonies, one onsite on the 28th November and the other on 30th November at the Real Life Church. We took this unusual step to ensure that the individual needs of all our graduates were accommodated. Feedback from the parents, caregivers, members of the public and the students themselves confirmed our belief that these events were fittingly celebrations of the wonderful achievements of all graduates and the broader student cohort.

There were two Pre-Primary graduates (Caleb and Dylan ), fi

ve Primary School graduates, (Alaa, Mikayla, Jesse, Marley and Michael S ) and nine Year 12 graduates (Shreen, Deanna, Emilio, Robert, Brayden, Michael M, Raven, Tyson and Jonathan). I congratulate and salute all these students on these important milestones. As for our Secondary graduates, I will miss them, however, I am equally excited that they are taking up their rightful and valued positions in their communities. The school community is so proud of you all. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with these students and their families/caregivers over the years. I wish you the very best for a happy and fulfilling future. My thanks to Rochelle and David Warwick and all at the Real 

Life Church for their tremendous support of our school.

End of Year Concert

Last night’s school concert was a tremendous success. It was again held in the late afternoon. The goal of involving working parents, caregivers and other family members certainly paid off . We estimate that well over three hundred people attended, well up on the attendance in 2016. I am grateful to all those who attended for their support. I particularly wish to thank Tegan Cardy (and the Concert Committee), Mike Cardy, Bob Griggero , Marisa Gardner and most of all our student stars. Without you there would not have been a concert and for the your excellent participation on in a stellar evening of celebration. I also like to acknowledge our sponsors Fork Safe, Ma O’Neil and Instant Products for their thoughtful donations.

2017 Celebrations

2017 stands out as the most outstanding years of School achiev

ement in my many years as Principal. I have been here since January 2005. The following captures, for prosperity, some of these achievements;

Kenwick School is the West Australian Educa on Support Principal and Administrator’s Association’s (WAESPAA)-Education Support Centre/School of the year
This prestigious industry Award was bestowed on Kenwick School at the glittering

 WAESPAA Awards on Friday evening, 10 November. Accepting the Award on behalf of the Kenwick School community is the greatest honour conferred on me in my many years at the school.

Jenny Grant nominated as the WAESPAA Education Support School Leader of the Year
Jenny has been an outstanding leader at Kenwick School both in her many years as a classroom teacher and since she was appointed as Deputy Principal in 2009. While Jenny did not win her category (competition was fierce) she remains Kenwick School’s “People’s champion”. Jenny was also acknowledged by UWA for her support of pre- service teachers.

Simon Connell – a People’s Pick as part of the WA Educa on Awards 2017
Simon, a graduate teacher, was on World Teachers’ Day, acknowledged by a parent for his commitment to her child’s education.

Lachie Frewer-awarded the Lansdale Farm School Scholarship 2017
Lachie was one of two teachers named as recipients of this Award, at the WAESPAA Conference earlier this year. As part of his work, Lachie will develop and share a professional development program with colleagues from this and other schools.

Debbie Cork—Recognition from UWA
The University of Western Australia acknowledge Deb’s dedication and support in the service of pre-service teachers.

Tracy Kowalski— Certificate ll in Horticulture
Active Pathways recognised Tracy’s hard work and commitment in achieving her Cert ll in Horticulture. Our school gardens and students benefit from Tracy’s skills and knowledge.

Kenwick School invited to present at the 2018 Australian Special Educa on Principal’s (ASEPA) National Conference
I am delighted to advise that our abstract submission has been accepted for presentation at the 2018 ASEPA National Conference to be held at the Stamford Grand, Adelaide from the 16th- 18th May, 2018. The presentation entitled “Using collaborative strategies to develop social competence in students with intellectual disabilities and complex behaviours” captures the socialisation behavioural intervention model developed over the past 4 or so years at the school.

Other Notable Achievements
The opening of the ‘Play-for-All’ Playground;
The establishment of Sensorium’s home base on the Kenwick School; and
The commencement of the Inclusive Kitchen project.

Staff Retirements and Transfers
I would like to thank and acknowledge our staff members who have moved on to the next stage of their lives. We wish Jan Harcombe, Libby Gibson, Gloria Chong-Wee, Jackie Otte, Kevan Buttle and Maureen McCann a very happy retirement and many years of enjoyment. We farewelled Fiona Miller to another school who are very lucky to have her. Thank you all for your commitment and service to Kenwick School.

Students and Enrolments 2017
I am happy to report that despite us losing nine treasured graduates, our projected students numbers will remain steady in 2017.

In closing, I would like to pass on my very warmest and best wishes to all of you, your family and friends for a restful, safe and happy festive and holiday season. I look forward to seeing you all on the first day of school, Wednesday 31 January 2018.

Kind regards,
Mark Watson Principal