Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Is my child eligible to attend an Education Support school?

Answer – A student can be eligible to attend Kenwick School if they meet the Schools Plus indicated group criteria for Intellectual Disability or Global Developmental Delay if they are under 6 years of age. Download the “Enrolment for Students with Disability” form here

Students with Autism or one of the other Schools Plus Eligibility groups can also attend Kenwick School but parents will need to contact Kenwick School to ascertain if this is possible as other requirements must be met.

Question – Does Kenwick School offer Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) based programs?

Answer – Yes. The principles of ABA are used through out the school.

Question – Is the school serviced by Public Transport Authority school buses (orange school buses)?

Answer – Yes, Kenwick School is serviced by PTA School Bus Services. Our school transport boundaries are as follows: Kargotich Road, Ranford Road, Nicholson Road, Roe Highway, and Bickley Road. A map is available showing school transport zone. Download here.  All inquiries should be made to School Bus Services on 9326 2625 or

Question – What facilities does Kenwick School have?

Answer – Kenwick School has a swimming pool with a qualified swimming teacher, an Independent Living Centre, a kitchen, a café, a kitchen-sensory garden, a multi-sensory room, a state of the art Play for All playground and we are in the process of developing a therapy room.

Question – Is a dual placement available with my local mainstream school, i.e. can my child attend both Kenwick School and their local school on a part time basis?

Answer – Yes it is possible for a student to attend two different schools on a dual placement.

Question – Do I have to live in the area for my child to qualify for a place at Kenwick School?

Answer – No, you do not need to live in the Kenwick area to attend this school.

Question – Does my child need a computer and internet access at home?

Answer – No, your child does not need access to a computer or the internet at home.

Question – What is your Policy on Bullying at school?

Answer – Kenwick School has a very proactive anti-bullying policy. The teaching of protective behaviours is a priority in our school.

Question – How far ahead do I need to register my child for entry to Kenwick School?

Answer – Enrolments at Kenwick School are welcome at any time of the year.