Art & Music

During Week 2, Kenwick School was lucky enough to be involved in the Harmony Schools Program which was sponsored by Mitsubishi. This program provided four members of the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra to come to our school and perform a range of music, allowing our students to see a live performance by a chamber group in a more familiar setting. The performers played a range of traditional and contemporary music that had the students full attention for the entire 60 minute show. It was amazing to see the students so calm and relaxed during the event, with everyone loving the different solos and emotions that the performers portrayed with their instruments. The look of genuine joy on each and every students face showed that this was a wonderful event for our school and one that we hope to repeat in the future.

Artists of the Month

Primary: Jaxson for his Toothy Shark
Secondary: Alex for his Reggie Laurent inspired collage.


Tegan Cardy Art & Music Teacher