Art & Music

Everyone has continued to work extremely hard throughout the semester in Music and Art. The choir has been practicing well and has even started to learn some new songs for our end of year events. We can’t wait to show everyone what we can do! In our class sessions we have been following our themes to create some amazing artworks. As you can see from these photos, the students have really started to display their creativity and explore new techniques. Congratulations to Anh for winning the Primary School Art Award and Gryffydd for winning the Secondary school award. During Book Week we read a book called “Windblown” by Eduoard Manceau. It is about a number of paper pieces blowing through the air, that can be turned into a variety of animals. As the students (and staff) listened to the story, the students learnt the Auslan sign for each of the animals before being let loose with textas and glue sticks to create their own. The range of animals was astounding, with everything from Monsters and Aliens to Jelly Fish being made. It was wonderful to see the students engage so well with the activities.

Tegan Cardy
Art and Music Teacher