Welcome to Our School

Our school is an amazing, inclusive, innovative and welcoming place of learning. We are an Education Support School that teaches students aged 4-19 years, with wide ranging special educational needs. 

These include severe to profound intellectual disabilities, sensory and physical impairments; as well as other complex medical and behavioural conditions.

Our school is safe, supportive and engaging learning environment that enables students to acquire the functional knowledge, coping, life and social skills they require to achieve their full potential.  

Currently, our school enrolment is 86 students, comprising, 2 Kindergarten, 30 Primary School and 54 Secondary aged students.

Students who are in years K-9 have Individual Education Plan (IEP) and students in years 10-12 have Big Plans. 

These plans involve parents, carers, special education teachers and other support people setting goals for our students for the school year, and focusing on areas that need development such as on the curriculum, personal care, safety and health, transition and behaviour.