School Bus Service Letter Covid19 2021

Dear parent/guardian,

Wearing of Masks in Perth/Peel Region

The Premier last night announced that the lockdown restrictions will be lifted from 6:00pm Friday 5 February 2021.

As part of transitioning back to normality the State Government have imposed a number of restrictions for all residents in the Perth and Peel Regions which will impact on all ‘orange’ school bus services operating in those areas.

The following restrictions will apply to all ‘orange’ school bus services whose bus run falls inside or ends in the Perth/Peel regions for the period Monday 8 February to Friday 12 February 2021:

  • All school bus drivers and bus aides must wear a mask
  • All students attending high school must wear a mask

Mainstream Students

All parents are to ensure their high school aged children have a face mask to access an “orange’ school bus service.

Education Support Students

For education support services discretion will apply. Where a high school aged student can safely wear a mask, this should occur. Where for medical or behavioural reasons, due to their disability, the mask is an issue then they are exempted from wearing a mask. Parents will need to discuss the issue of masks with their school bus operator when meeting the bus on Monday.

School Bus Services wishes to thank you for your assistance and understanding.


School Bus Services

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