Room 9: Hard Work In The Cafe

Students in Room 9 have been helping with the Kenwick School, Smiling Sun Café. They have been completing tasks during Work Skills lessons to ensure that the cups and paper bags are stamped and that there are enough order forms for staff and visitors to place their orders. Other students have been working in the Café, they have been taking orders, delivering orders and handling money. They have been doing a fantastic job and there is always service with a smile. We have been discussing safe places in Protective Behaviour lessons and what makes areas a safe place and how they make us feel. The students completed a task where they cut pictures from a Magazine and glued them into the outline of the picture of their safe place. The pictures symbolised items they found that they like and would want to have in their safe place. The collages they made were fantastic. This lead further into being kind to ourselves and listening to and looking after our bodies

A way in which we can do this is to participate in physical activity. Each morning we do yoga, which the students love. On Wednesdays as a class we participate in the Bike Riding program at School and the students have developed a healthy competitive streak by racing each other and seeing who can get to the end point first. It is fantastic watching them interact positively and creating games with each other. They really are an awesome group of young adults.

 Sarah Priestley & Staff