Room 9: February – Pie Friday

Traditions. We have them in our families and we have them at school. With our new cohort of students in Room 9 we decided to invent Pie Friday. We purchased a Sunbeam Pie Maker and come the end of the week we have all the ingredients ready to make our pies. In the first week we mixed the ingredients for Apple Pie – tinned apples, cinnamon, custard and sultanas. It was as simple as cutting the pastry and popping them into the machine. 10 minutes later and voila – very professional looking pies! The following week we went for Baked Bean Pies with Worcestershire (woo-st-sher) sauce and cheese. And recently we tried Bacon and Egg Pie. The school’s kitchen garden doesn’t let us down with sprigs of green. It’s a purposeful and motivating cooking lesson with our chat mats on hand. We enjoy the texture, smells and appearance of the ingredients. Best of all we like to sample the end result and socialize around the meals table. Hmmm… what pie flavour will we try this week?

Marianne Van Dam, Margaret Bartlett & Staff