Room 9: Enjoyed their favourite book  “Snail Mail” for Book Week

Wow! What a busy and fun book week. So many great dress ups at our parade. Our book, “Snail Mail” which the students loved, gave us many creative, sensory and   fun learning experiences. We used blue jelly, shaving foam, sand, and shells to create a beach scene. Tahlia loved shaking a bag of jelly foam to make “waves.” We also listened to and looked at waves crashing on a beach. Seb loved playing with the sand, and he was so relaxed that I think he thought he was at the beach. Richter was all smiles as he watched “Surfer Dudes” riding the big waves and of course we all loved the surfer and beach music. In art we used stones, pompoms, and beads to help create tactile sea snails. In cooking we pressed a switch to turn on the mixer and made seashell cup-cakes. Our book also showed us about different countries and we pressed a switch and heard how different countries say “Hello!”. We had fun with Sensorium, and it was wonderful to see a sense of joy, wonder and curiosity as students explored the very sensory boxes. Lastly it is our turn for the next assembly and we would love to see you there.