Room 9: April – Activ work placements.

We have had a super busy Term One, but what a sensational start to the year it has been! The students in Room 9 have been developing a sound understanding of who they are, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, skills and careers they would like to pursue after they finish their schooling years at Kenwick School. They have been developing and refining skills to utilise in the workplace and in Week 10 they began their work placements at Activ. They have been learning various concepts relevant to work including: PPE, identifying hazards, identifying health and safety rules and various industries. Get ready Activ because you are going to be blown away by the incredible skill level and positive work ethic they have developed!

We have been trialling and implementing different ways in which people communicate. At the end of each day the students use chat books or hand write a reflection of their day so they can discuss their school day with their families and carers. They enjoy this task and are also provided the opportunity to share it with their classmates. We are looking forward to Term Two. I would like to thank my EAs; Cyn, Prue, Tania, Heidi and Nikki for their hard work and dedication this term. We hope everyone has a safe and happy break!

Sarah Priestley & Staff