Room 9/10: October/November – Staying Cool.

Students in room 9/10 have been enjoying cooking, art and swimming. Thursday swimming days are very busy in our room, but also very rewarding. Robert, Benjamin, Shreen and Deanna really enjoy the freedom it gives them, enabling them to stretch and relax. Dawn, Sebastian and Blayde love the fun of the water and being able to float or splash about. Thankyou to Wayne and Deb, the smiles on our students faces show just how much they love those swimming lessons. During cooking lessons, students have enjoyed making and tasting mango mousse. A refreshing summer treat that smells and tastes delicious. As the weather is warming up, all students in room 9/10 are being helped to apply sunscreen and are encouraged to wear their hats whilst in the playground. The water play area is beginning to get a real work out. Stay cool everyone.

Karen Drummond, Margaret Bartlett & Staff