Room 9/10: November/December – Graduates

Congratulations to our three Graduates in Room 9/10 – Robert, Shreen and Deanna. What a wonderful graduation ceremony – big congratulations to Blayde and Sebastian who behaved perfectly in the audience – and what a beautiful graduation lunch on Friday. Many thanks to all who helped to prepare the food, table and room – it was spectacular and a wonderful celebration of the Graduates’ me spent at Kenwick School. We have been busily preparing for our End Of Year Concert item – it was great to see everyone on Tuesday night. A big thank you to the wonderful parents, grandparents and Nulsen Haven staff who ensure students in Room 9/10 come to school well prepared for each day, you have made 2017 great. We wish our Graduates and their families, carers and support systems all the best for the future – we know you will continue to enjoy life and look forward to you popping in for a visit. To Blayde, Dawn, Benjamin and Sebastian, congratulations and thankyou for all your efforts and smiles in 2017, may you and your families enjoy a happy and healthy festive season. See you in 2018. Last but not least, to the EAs in Room 9/10 for your dedication to our students, thankyou so very much, your efforts never go unnoticed.

Karen Drummond, Margaret Bartlett & Staff