Room 8: October/November – ESSN Market Day.

This year a number of students from Room 8 had the opportunity to go to the ESSN Market Day. A 45 minute bus trip brought us to Malibu School where the event was hosted. It was a blustery day, bordering on being chilly, but this didn’t stop us from getting among the crowds to do a few circuits of the lovely stalls. Many schools, including Kenwick, had their interesting creations for sale at very reasonable prices. Our students were able to put their shopping and money handling skills to the test as they decided what they might buy. It was easy when it came to finding something for lunch – the ever popular sausage sizzle stall did a roaring trade as did the Mr Whippy van with soft serve ice creams. If that didn’t take your fancy you could try the yoghurt with granola or fruit salad tubs or maybe a serve of carrot cake. The students returned to school after lunch proving to be thrifty shoppers as most still had some coins jingling in their pockets.

Poonam Pawani, Marianne Van Dam & Staff