Room 8: Community Access

Room 8 and Room 14 had a fabulous time presenting their Assembly item ‘All about Respect’. Students wore colourful clothes and did a fantastic job dancing to their ‘Respect’ song. Those students who had a speaking role did brilliantly and spoke/used their device very well. Another exciting event that has happened in Term 3 was Book Week. We had a great time participating in a range of book related activities and of course the parade. Room 8 has also started Community Access outings which has been a great learning experience and also a great chance to explore our wider community.

We have been lucky enough to receive 3 more garden beds which Room 8 put together with some help from our Room 9 peers. They have been placed in the garden, filled with compost and had a variety of native plants and herbs planted in them. We can’t wait to see how our new plants grow!  

 Kate Preston & Staff