Room 8: August/Sept – School Camp

The highlight of Room 8’s term would without a doubt have to be School Camp. This was an all-inclusive camp with everyone given the opportunity to join in! Four students were involved with the school based activities which allowed them to engage with special events both at school and in the community. Art, sport and special sensory activities kept the girls busy on Thursday, followed by a bus excursion to bowling on Friday. Meanwhile our 4 other girls were packed and ready to head out to Hillarys. Both staff and students were delighted with the facilities and how well we were catered for in terms of programmes and activities. Over the three days students were assisted by the Camp Recreation staff to join the beach team building games, rock climbing and using the flying fox. Separate to this, students enjoyed the nightly campfire, beach swimming at Hillary’s Boat Harbour with our swimming teacher Wayne, and fish and chips on the foreshore. Once we left camp on Friday morning we spent a few amusing hours at Timezone in Fremantle and finally all got back together at school for a lovely lunch. Room 8 staff were incredibly proud of all 8 girls – both those who stayed at school and those who went to camp on site. The independence they displayed was fantastic!

Poonam Pawani, Marianne Van Dam & Staff