Room 7: In the Garden

Room 7 has been enjoying their time in the garden with Christina. The students have enjoyed watering, weeding, and planting sunflower seeds, and other seeds. In the classroom, we were checking each “My Little Sprout House” every day waiting to see any changes. Four out of the five sprout houses now have little pea plants growing strongly inside them. We have adorned our walls with tall flowers with bright happy faces. Not only are they pleasing to look at, they show how tall the students are in our room.
On Tuesday we joined Rooms 1 & 6 to perform “I Am The Music Man” at our School Assembly. Mush fun was had by all during practices in our individual classrooms and together as a large group. I would like to thank the EAs who did such a wonderful job putting the power point together.

Karen Drummond, Christina Mold & Staff