Room 6: October/November – Messy Mud & Sports Day.

So nice to see the return of the warm weather. We have had a busy start to the term what with the Sports Day and Messy Mud Day. It was wonderful to see students of all abilities join in and have fun together. Room 6 had some very red but happy boys and staff. We also had fun at Messy Mud Day, where some of the students loved to feel the squishy wet mud seep through their fingers and toes. Kingston had fun playing with the dinosaurs and was very keen to wash off the mud. Other students had fun mixing and adding water to the mud. Thanks to Antonietta for organizing such an awesome sensory experience. PCYC is still very popular with the students and we are so proud of the amazing effort that Ryan has put in as he held the rings, pulled his legs up and stayed on as he was pushed across the mats, all with a big smile.

Marie McLachlan & Staff.