Room 6: November/December – Abilities Day

A very busy term is beginning to wind down. An amazing graduation and what a proud moment for all of the graduates and their parents on their special day. All the best and congratulations to all of you. Also we were super proud of the Room 6 boys for si ng and listening throughout the ceremony. Fantastic to see Xavier earn our class award. Well Done! Also great to see Kingston choose healthy foods before having something sweet. We celebrated “Abilities Day” and what we do well – Ryan for dancing without help, Nawid for painting by himself, Xavier for doing puzzles on the computer, Kingston for his knowledge of animals and Harrison for riding a bike. We have been practising for our concert and are so happy that our students will be joining us on the night. Thank you to all of the parents for their ongoing support and to all the dedicated staff including relief (Jason, Rikki, Lesley, Gloria, Cindy, Jo, Jess, Jen, Adriana and Sarah) who have always worked as a team and with their care and commitment have brought so much to the students.

Finally a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful 2018 to all.

Marie McLachlan & Staff.