Room 6 : July – Sensory Art & New Work Schedule

Another semester almost over.The students have been adjusting to their new work schedule. Harrison has shown how good he is at threading and Xavier has continued to enjoy tracing, doing puzzles and learning new computer programs. We have also been doing some sensory art. Nawid loved to squish paint through plastic wrap and Ryan thoroughly investigated the texture and the crinkle of alfoil as he painted and made colourful. We are very proud of the guys but especially of Kingston for trying different foods and finding out that he likes them. Lately he has tried weetbix and also tuna sandwiches. We have had a variety of relief this term. Thanks to Louise (good luck at your new school in London), Jess, Grace, Jo and Levi for your help. Thanks also to Jason and Lesley for their continued professionalism we wish Rikki and Gloria all the best in their recovery. Thanks as always parents and caregivers for their ongoing support. A safe and happy holiday to all. 

Marie McLachlan & Staff