Room 6: February – Odyssey

Welcome to what we hope to be a year full of fun and learning opportunities. The students are settling in well as they go about learning their new routines and putting them into practice. We had fun painting with shaving cream and squishing paint to make our art folders. We also made some placemats that we are using for our meals. Also, we were lucky enough to participate in the amazing “Odyssey Show” — the students loved it. It has only been a few weeks but we are already so proud of the boys – Nawid for coming in straight away from the playground, Tyson for trying to use a mouse with puzzles on the computer, Xavier for trying hard with his new work skills, Caleb for having fun as he learns his numbers on the whiteboard and Zubair for good listening and following instructions. We were surprised and very proud and excited to win the very first “Star Class of the Week” award. Many thanks go to Deb, Manny, Jason and Jess for a great start, their ongoing teamwork and their dedication and commitment to bringing out the best in the students.

Marie McLachlan & Staff