Room 6: April – ‘All About Me”.

Hi everyone. Some of the students in Room 6 have recently been involved in “food tastings” as part of their Oral Hygiene programme each day. This allows the students to orally taste food that is smooth, moist and lump free, prior to their regular peg feeds. During these sessions the children have found this experience pleasurable and engaging. As part of our “All About Me” theme this term, once a week a different student has brought in three items from home that can fit in a shoe box to show and share with their peers. The children have responded well to touching and hearing objects from home that have been brought in by their classmates. On a Thursday the students visit the herb garden and have recently visited the fairy garden. Prior to this activity the children have been able to touch a number of items that represent a fairy garden such as touching miniature fairies, mushrooms and soft grass. It is a wonderful opportunity to be out of the classroom and participating in the fantasy world of fairies in the herb garden.

Deb Cork, Marianne Van Dam & Staff