Room 5: Underwater!

Colourful fish, friendly sharks and wandering whales. Yes we are underwater this term and loving it! Our little Pirates are exploring various Literacy and Mathematical concepts with the help of some very engaging sea creatures. There are fins, claws and tentacles a plenty to count; not to mention a treasure trove of colours, letters and shapes to have fun with too! Balanced literacy has been a blast since we have such brilliant books to draw inspiration from. Our lads are exploring the following gems with real vigour – “Chomp Goes to School”, “The Little Whale Lost in London”, “Hooray for Fish” and “Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea”. On top of that we are hoping that the warmer weather will allow for a delightful amount of sensory activities as well as some valuable garden time too. We are so looking forward to all of it. Room 5 wishes you all a fun filled final term!

Naomi Braine, Angyla Braine & Staff