Room 5 : July – Welcoming Our New Student

Room 5 really enjoyed performing at our class assembly. Unfortunately due to illness not all students were able to be there and they were missed. Room 5 welcomed Omar to our class recently. We have enjoyed getting to know him and he has been making new friends. In Room 5 we have been enjoying music and using objects to complete actions to songs. 5 Little Ducks and Wheels on the Bus have been a highlight especially the new toy yellow bus that students enjoy to play with while signing. We would like to congratulate all Room 5 students on great work throughout Semester 1 which is reflected in their reports. They all have achieved a lot in their first semester at Kindy and Pre-primary. Well done Caleb, Ethan, Dylan, Shateaka and Ella. We look forward to what you will achieve in semester 2. 

Jodie Hills & Staff