Room 5: Exploring Australia

Room 5 are facing a very busy term and our excitement levels are rising! We have a number of Eric Carle books that we are immersing ourselves in through our Balanced Literacy activities. They will be a fabulous precursor to the much
anticipated Book Week, coming up soon. Alongside that we are eagerly exploring all things Australian as we honour NAIDOC and our country’s beautiful Aboriginal history. We’ve started a wall of bush art and Indigenous inspired fun. The boys are also revelling in regular sessions in the White Room. It’s been such a blessing on wintery days and has provided invaluable opportunities for Gross Motor Development.
On top of all this, we are very excited about Superhero Day too! Our lads really enjoy seeing the older students all dressed up; and we are confident it’s going be the best one yet. Room 5 wishes you all a terrific Term Three.

Naomi Braine, Angyla Braine & Staff