Room 5: April – Gaining Independence

Well they say time flies when you’re having fun; and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing in Room 5. No wonder the term has whizzed by so quickly! The students are gaining independence in daily tasks with great strides. We have work stations set up that allow students to rotate through their Numeracy, Literacy and Fine Motor skills each morning. Our circle time sessions have been a joy to participate in, especially when we get to finish off with an interactive story. The warm weather has allowed for some very pleasant garden visits as well as messy water play. In turn, these activities have tied in nicely with our chosen sensory stories; namely “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and “Wombat Stew”. Harmony Day would definitely be one of the highlights of the term. Our classroom is enriched with the backgrounds of five very distinct cultures; and having an event that celebrated this was such a treat for the students, teachers and families alike. We plan on exploring a number of cultural awareness activities through art, reading and music as the year progresses. Room 5 wishes you all a safe and enjoyable term break. We look forward to continuing the fun in Term Two!

Naomi Braine, Angyla Braine & Staff