Room 4: Shapes & Numbers

We can’t believe that Term 3 has come to an end so quickly. It has been extremely busy in Kindy and the students and staff have been working really hard all term. In Numeracy the focus has been on shapes and number. In Literacy this term the students have been developing their skills in writing and sound identification. Sensory play and Art are favourite weekly activities that the students participate in to develop their fine motor skills as well as create vibrant and creative master pieces. A lot of exploratory and discovery learning has occurred this term as the students have been highly engaged with the construction themed provocations. Book Week was a popular incursion that the Room 4 students enjoyed being a part of, they got to participate in the Sensorium activity, made Puppets and paraded so proudly in the dress up parade. The staff have loved being a part of the strong friendships that have formed in Room 4. Kalidou, Logan, Maya and Pearl are doing a fantastic job at sharing, taking turns and using their nice words and hands to communicate with one another. We are all looking forward to the weather warming up in Term 4 and we wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday!

Juanita Ford & Staff