Room 3: Pirate Porridge

Room 3 has had an epic term. We eagerly prepared for Book Week by having a blast with our class book of the week “Who Sank the Boat?”. We all dressed up as our favourite animal characters for the Parade and Laurence made a special appearance as the boat. During Book Week we participated in some awesome literary and sensory activities including reading “Treasure Island”,making Pirate Porridge and also making some puppets to match ourclass book, “Who Sank the Boat?”.Patrick made the sheep, Kingston made the mouse, Jaxson made the pig and Laurence and Anh used their creative licences to make a cat and a dog.

The students were very excited about Superhero day and our class has been reading “Superchimp” asour new story of the week to get ready for the parade.

Antonietta James, Naomi Braine & Staff