Room 3: October/November – Guide Dog Excursion & Herb Garden

Hello everyone.

It is hard to believe it is Term four already. During this time the students have built on their Morning Programmes, courtesy of the physiotherapists and are learning to support their upper body weight, spend short periods of me sitting on a chair and using wedges and big balls to feel their bodies move in different positions. We will be visiting Packer Park on a Wednesday and the ambassador dogs from Guide Dogs WA will be visiting us shortly. It will be a wonderful opportunity for students to take part in an excursion and to interact with the gentle and kind dogs who spend many hours preparing for their role in life. We all enjoyed Messy Mud Day and some students were comfortable enough to immerse most of their bodies in the brown goo. We are currently practising for the End of Year Concert and hope that many parents and carers can come to the performance. The children have really enjoyed their time in the herb garden each week and we have prepared a number of seedlings and cuttings for planting.

Deb Cork, Margaret Bartlett & Staff