Room 2: May – PCYC

Another busy term is well underway.  The students have been enjoying their time at PCYC. It is great to see them try activities out of their comfort zone and see the smiles as they learn that they can walk along the higher beams and swing from the bars. We have been doing a small obstacle course and the students have already shown improvement in waiting, taking their turn, following instructions and developing their gross motor skills.   We have been encouraging students’ independence and it is great to see Tyson walking independently to the art room.  We are very proud that Zubair and Xavier are learning to collect the recycling around the school. Caleb tries hard and does a great job in helping pack his bag each day.  It is awesome to see Nawid giving things a go by holding the bars and trying to swing at PCYC as well as having his first slide in the playground. 


Marie McLachlan & Staff