Room 2 : June – Getting Techie.

It is almost time for the student’s well earned break. IT is a large part of our program. Whether it is doing our morning circle, listening to songs, looking at educational programs, using the IPads for enjoyment or as a communication device, the students are all getting a handle on technology.  It is also a great way for them to learn and practise their turn taking and learning to wait.

The students all love to watch zoo animals on the big screen.  They have been looking at different zoo animals, counting them and then finding the animal symbols  on the communication IPads. Starfall and Helpkidzlearn are also favourite programs where the students can learn and have fun.  We have been lucky enough to have two incursions this term. Everyone loved the African Drum Beat and came back to the class full of smiles. We are also looking forward to The WADSA incursion where all the students no matter the ability using switches get the opportunity to throw  beanbags into the air, shoot goals and join in sports that they do not usually do.  A big thankyou  to parents for their ongoing support and to the staff , Manny, Deb, Jess and Cindy for encouraging the students to be their best.   A safe and happy holiday to all.

Marie McLachlan & Staff