Room 2 (Formerly Rm 6): April – All students can shine.

Another very busy term almost over in Room 2. “All students can shine” and Room 2 boys are no exception. Tyson is learning to use his AAC device and likes to say hello each morning. Nawid did a great job following directions in his gluing activity. Also great to see Zubair solve a 26 piece puzzle on the whiteboard. Caleb is all smiles as he accepts help to ride a bike and Xavier remains focussed as he uses a jig to count 10 rulers in his new work skill. The students are enjoying mixing with their buddy class (Room 8) on a Wednesday afternoon. Although it is a very crowded room it is great to see all the students engaged and having fun. We are particularly pleased with Zubair who with the aid of a visual is learning how to play UNO. The other group joined in white board activities and it was great to see Nawid sit and wait for his turn to activate the screen. Thanks to parents for their ongoing support and as always a huge thank you to the dynamic trio Deb, Manny and Jason for their work with the students and setting up the class each day. Thanks to Jess who is also great at helping us on Wednesdays.

A safe and happy holiday to all.

Marie McLachlan & Staff