Room 2: December – End of Year

Another busy year comes to an end in Room 2.  We are so proud of all of our boys this year. As well as trying hard in their work, it is great to see Caleb stay calm and take big steps as he practices walking on his heels. Nawid joins in and interacts more in whiteboard activities. Zubair loves to help and always packs away. Tyson communicated that he wants a break. Xavier is happy and wants to do his work, sometimes without being asked. Congratulations to Xavier on his graduation.  We have all enjoyed goingto the PCYC and especially loved to receive our special medal and certificate. Our last week is going to be so busy, full of fun and excitement what with a special picnic, End of Year Concert and our primary party.   Thank you to everyone who has helped in Room 2 this year.  I also want to thank Deb, Manny and Cindy for their ongoing care, commitment and dedication to all the boys as well as their help and support in general.  I wish the students and staff all the best in their new classes next year.  A huge thankyou to the parents and caregivers for all their support during the year.  A safe and happy holiday to all.      

Marie McLachlan & Staff