Room 16: Worm Farm

It has been a busy start to in Room 16. The students have come back refreshed from their holiday break and ready to start Term 3. We have started our Swimming and Art programmes, cooked yummy Bruschetta and continued looking after our worm farms. The students help cut fruit and vegetables for the worms, check if there is enough water in the worm farms and bottle worm tea. We have managed to raise over $200 and it is only the beginning of the term! Everyone is happy to participate in our Community Access outings. We visited Mills Park in Beckenham where the boys had lots of fun. Zubair enjoyed playing on basket and hammock swings, while the fantastic dual flying fox was a definite highlight for Hasham and Matthew. A big thank you to the staff for their commitment and teamwork. Well done Room 16 students and staff!

Natalia Lacey & Staff