Room 16: Sensory Play

Welcome back everyone for Term 4! We hope that you all had a great holiday and look forward to an exciting Term 4, the last term of 2019. There is plenty on this term and the students in Room 16 have been busy participating in the in-school camp, and Community Access activities. The boys thoroughly enjoyed tissue paper sensory play set up in Room 8 and were able to crinkle it and make colorful pirate bandanas. We have continued our weekly Community Access trips during which the boys can interact with each other and practise appropriate social skills. Term 4 is also the last term of schooling for two of our students: Matthew and Mohammed and as the graduation ceremony is fast approaching, we are all getting excited and sentimental. A warm welcome to Christina who has a role as the Room 16 classroom teacher on Tuesdays. We hope that her time in Room 16 will be rewarding. This term the students will also continue to look after our worm farms by regularly feeding and watering the worms, and we will also be selling worm juice.

Natalia Lacey & Staff