Room 16: Puppet Making

Term 3 has been great fun and packed with exciting events. We celebrated Children’s Book Week and enjoyed many special activities including Puppet making, cooking ‘Pirate porridge’, art activities and the dress up Parade. It was fantastic to see our students dressed up as Pirates marching proudly at the Parade. The boys enjoyed the new Sensorium show ‘Big Rain Coming!’where they could touch, feel and smell the unfolding story around them. The students continued working hard on their ASDAN goals and were quite busy with their regular classroom schedule as well as weekly Community Access outings. Congratulations to Zain on receiving the class Merit Certificate. A huge thank you to Kathy, Ellen, Helen, Daniel and Cassandre for all they do to support the students. Room 16 students and staff wish everyone a happy break!

Natalia Lacey & Staff