Room 16: Enjoy their weekly visits to Kenwick Library

The students in Room 16 have continued to work hard completing their ASDAN courses. Every Monday morning the students take the school van to the Kenwick Library to check out the resources, borrow books and other items to take back to class to enjoy. Fortnightly on Wednesdays, the students travel to the local Foodbank to collect food and drink items for use at school and for our breakfast club. On Fridays, the students were combining with their peers to train for the AFL Carnival which happened on Friday 3rd September. The students have continued to improve their work and life skills completing numerous jobs around the school. A couple of weeks ago the students enjoyed spending time with Nate the Therapy dog. Grail and Laurence took Nate for a walk and Fathih and Kingston also enjoyed spending time with him. As part of book week, the students created hats and posters as well as completed several activities based on the book and novel, Cars. Jereme received an award at our recent assembly for his excellent work over the year. Well done Jereme.