Room 12: November/December – Reflection and Goodbyes.

As the year come to a rapid end, we reflect on achievements of our students. It is also a time of ‘goodbyes’ as two of our lads graduate and I move to another class for 2018. It has been without doubt, an honour and privilege to work with the ‘young men’.

Brayden – 2017 Graduate: Brayden has a ended Kenwick School since February of 2013. Brayden is a delightful young man with a cheeky sense of humour who loves a wide variety of music. He has been an absolute inspiration and a joy to have in our classroom and school community. Brayden, we will miss you very much and wish you well in the next stage of your journey. Thank you for all you have taught us. You are indeed an amazing young man!

Jonathan – 2017 Graduate: Jonathan has attended Kenwick School since February 2006. Jonathan, we will always remember your huge smile and his ‘chuckling’ when in the Flying Fox Capsule. A big achievement for Jonathan has been learning to ride a large trike. Jonathan, we will miss your huge cheeky smile and your sense of humour. You remind us of how important it is to appreciate the simple things in life. Bravo Jonathan! Mathew, Wow! What an amazing three years in which we all have journeyed together. Mathew has a long list of achievements in which he takes pride in – and rightly so! You are an awesome young man. We are so very proud of you. Lachie and I look forward to your visits to SHS in 2018.

Zain has a delightful and happy demeanour and has endeared himself to all who have worked with him. It has been a joy to witness Zain’s progress over the year. Zain loves music and me in the Kitchen Garden. Zain, I will miss your cheeky and caring nature. A super effort Zain!

Mohammed has returned to Kenwick School in October of this year. He has been very quick to reorientate himself to the school environment. Mohammed especially enjoys swimming and music. Mohammed has inspired others with his level of independence. Well done Mohammed, you have brought much joy to our class with your charming sense of humour.

None of the above would not have been possible without the dedication of the Room 12 EAs and support staff . Thank you all!

Annette Kay & Staff