Room 1 : June – Communication & Sensory Play.

Semester 1 has flown by and what fun we’ve had. Our focus has been on communication and sensory play. All students have made progress and this is reflected in their reports. Our PODD lessons are becoming more frequent with the most popular being bubbles. We’ve had multiple opportunities to celebrate birthdays in our room, the students really enjoy singing happy birthday – luckily they are spaced out throughout the year so this fun and celebration can continue next term. I am very proud of all room 1 students as we manage to get all 6 sitting for morning circle on most days of the week and they have all improved with their communication either verbally, using their devices or simple key word signing.  Thank you to the regular room 1 staff and the relief staff who have helped us keep our routines flowing and the smiles bright. We look forward to Semester 2 where  we will welcome a new student to our room.  I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2 week holiday. Enjoy and take care.

Karen Drummond & Staff