Room 1 (Formerly Rm 7): April – Pancakes & PCYC

Students in Room 1 really enjoy cooking. They all help to pour and stir when we make new playdough and take turns choosing what colour it should be. The pancakes with Poonam were a hit – most students had a taste test. In view of the low numbers, it appears we will not be able to run PCYC as we need a minimum of 4 students. We will be doing bike riding instead. We have begun accessing the MSE room on Thursdays with all students nding something that sparks their interest, the bubble tube seems to be a class favourite. It’s been a very calm and happy start to 2018, its hard to believe we’re at the end of Term 1 already. Thank you to the parents who have returned signed IEP letters. We wish everyone safe and happy holidays.

Karen Drummond, Poonam Parwani & Staff