Room 1: April – Circle Time

As we near the end of our first term, we look back and see the positives of our class. Our day starts with students arriving, unpacking bags, then joining in for book time or fine motor activities such as puzzles, building with small blocks, writing, dot to dots and colouring in. At times some students engage in gross motor activities prior to classroom work. Students and staff then gather around for ‘Circle Time’. This provides an opportunity for positive interaction during our Morning Circle Time. We use photographs to identify who is at school and who is not at school prior to singing our class ‘Hello Song’. Each child is sung to then required to respond using a Big Mac switch to say “Here I am, Here I am, Hello, hello, hello.” Students are encouraged to sign or vocalise and wave ‘Hello’ to staff and peers. We are delighted to report that all students are responding appropriately and waving ‘hello’ with a big smile to indicate their pleasure in their achievement. Well done to all Room 1 staff and students for persisting with our format to achieve great results.

Annette Kay & Staff