COVID-19 Information

7 February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

 End of the 5 Day Lockdown – Schooling arrangements for Term 1 – 2021

I trust that this letter finds you and your family well; and that you have been able to safely navigate the extended break from school.

As you will be aware, the five-day lockdown for Perth, Peel and the South West ended at 6pm, Friday 5 February, however some COVID-safe measures will continue until 12:01am, 14 February, details at

I look forward to welcoming our students and all the excitement of day 1 when our school opens  this coming Monday 8 February.

Arrangements for the resumption of school Monday 8 February

School Bus Services will run as per usual (please refer to the letter from School Bus Services posted on our website). School Bus Service Letter

The following outlines how these restrictions apply to our school; and therefore to you and our students.

Wearing of masks

For the safety of our students and staff masks will be worn at our school by all staff, parents/carers and visitors.

  • Secondary students able and willing to wear masks should do so. Please be assured that we will take a common-sense and sensitive approach to this measure, to minimise any distress to our students, consistent with their complex needs:
  • The above-mentioned students will need to wear masks in public for the next week, including getting to school;
  • The school will provide masks, as required, if these students arrive without one; and
  • Our staff will support students to understand the importance of wearing a mask as together we work through this transition.

Hand Sanitiser

Students must apply hand sanitiser (supplied by the school) prior to entering school grounds; this applies to parents, carers, our staff and all visitors

 Parent/carer drop-off/pick-ups (are as usual)

  • Drop off time is 8:30; and
  • Pick-ups from 2:30 to 2:45;
  • Parents/carers may drop students at the classroom door; and
  • Additional staff will be available to assist and direct during transit times; additional support will be provided to brand new 2021 students.

 Fitness for schooling

  • As always, parents/carers of children with complex medical conditions, are to follow medical advice to ensure that school attendance is appropriate for their child;
  • Parents/carers must ensure that their child is fit for school, meaning their child is not showing signs of ill health (for example runny noses, temperature, coughs etc.);
  • If students arrive at school unwell, or develop symptoms during the school day, parents will be required to collect them immediately; and
  • Students who are unwell will not be allowed to travel on contract school buses.

I know that you understand that in this challenging times, the need to do some things differently over the coming week, to maintain learning and to keep your children and our staff safe.  We want all families and children to feel supported and informed during this time.  I thank you for your partnership, support and understanding as we navigate this together. 

To keep up to date with any changes in respect to your child’s schooling and the Coronavirus you can  access:

  1. Our School website and hitting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) information button at for the latest actions taken to support your child; and
  2. The Department of Education website for the latest on the system-wide management of this pandemic.

In closing, while we live in difficult and challenging times, we have not lost sight of just how exciting the beginning of a new school year is to our students. My staff and I really look forward to seeing your child arrive at school on Monday morning.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the school on 6216 4100

Stay well everyone.

Best wishes

Mark Watson


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